Dress for Success

Is your APPEARANCE successful?

55% of our Image is just Appearance: our grooming, accessories, clothes colours, fabrics and hair style.
Let us get you ready for the success. Success is easy if you know the rules. Lets get a winning outfit to create the best first impression. Using colours and material for convey authority or approachable through colours, materials and accessories, in combination with clothes that actually suits you, you are not like anyone else, it’s about you becoming the best.

How is your BEHAVIOUR perceived?

What is your Personal Brand?

38% of our Image is our Behaviour, our attitude, eye contact, gestures and body language.
It may not be your clothing, there are unconscious behaviours that stop people from accepting you.  Energy that people are attracted too. In today’s market you can consider yourself as a product and your image and behaviour as the packaging. So what is your packaging, saying about you? With us you can learn how to use a powerful body language to persuade others.

Persuasive Speaking

Are you ENGAGING people in conversation?

And just 7% of our Image is What we say?
One Word in a description can make or break a deal. We help you look beyond just the words we need you to build pictures in people. The Context is more important than the Content, how you express yourself is more powerful than what you say.

Successful people can identify each other.

Now it’s your turn to join them

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The intention of the appointment is to make sure our consulting can help you.  In the discussion we will ask questions about what you are attempting to achieve and the response you are after.

Toward the end of the conversation we will guide you on the best services to suit you and your personality.

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