Claudia Chavez Gordoa

 Claudia Chavez Gordoa

Australian Director / CEO


Claudia is a Dynamic, high-impact and talented Image Consultant and Public Speaker.
She is originally from Mexico City and for the last 18 years Claudia has been working in Marketing, PR and Event Management roles for multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle and the Texas Tourism office. 
Claudia finished her master’s degree in Corporate and Personal Image Consulting in 2008. She then moved to Australia to expand her consultancy business with a vision to empower people with their personal image.
Claudia sees massive value in educating people and business’ on the benefits of making the right first impact and how to then carry that forward into all future interactions.  “The Image” together with many other essential tools such as protocol, etiquette, body language and public speaking tips, etc., translate to real results in better retention, more referrals and higher productivity….”The Main Ingredients to Greater Profits”
She has gained vast experience from conducting seminars in the US, Mexico and Australia to big corporations such as Oracle and Coca-Cola, as well as dozens of business owners, entrepreneurs, sales teams, and individuals who want to improve their work and personal lives.
Claudia speaks and presents in English, Spanish and Italian.


Leobardo Reyes Monroy

Mexico / President

Consultant and trainer certified image consultant since 2005, politicians from the three levels of government and business in Mexico.
Owner and founder of PreSens since July 2007, has a Master’s degree in Public Image, has diplomas in political image, body image, political marketing, strategy and political image, leadership and municipal administration.
He participated in the training of more than 50 political candidates in Mexico and worked in more than 20 political campaigns.
In 2012 began his consulting business in the U.S., in the city of Los Angeles CA and has international double certification: Customer Service Trainer and Customer Service Leader CCST CCSL