Corporate Image 

Image is perception – for a business, this is reflected by the way it is branded.

Globalisation and competition will require your company to have a unique identity and integral allow it to continue to grow and get higher profits.

Our clients:
  • Big, small or medium corporates and offices.
  • Restaurants, coffee shop, bars, take a way, convinicence store.
  • Stores, boutiques, department store, malls, supermarkets, movie places, cinemas.

Any type of business, everyone has an Image.


Analyse the actual image of your company to identify opportunities areas, create improvements and build a solid a good reputation.

Process/Topics include:

Following 3 strategy steps we will identify where the company is now and according with the company goals and objectives we will improve the image and reputation:


  • Audit and Analysis.


Do you know how others see you? What image you project to the outside? What do your customers expect?

Knowing your company from an analytical point of view.  Analyse the internal and external Image will be the first step to set goals.


  • Strategic Plan (Manual Institutional Image).


Identify the difference of your company, brand and positioning vs your competitors.

Is so important to know where we are and where we want to go.

How we want others identify us, tag us.

What type of communication and Image we need to have to create the correct impact.

The correct staff image.

An important part of a business brand is portrayed by the people who work in the business.


  • Implementation and testing.


Once we decide all the Image and strategic changes for the company, then we will implement all the key points.

After some period of time we will evaluate again the Image.