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Pants flatter your figure…

Want to find a pair of pants that does you a favour? then focus on the fit.


Curvy look for: classic flat-front, boot-cut trousers that sit at or right below your natural waist, or flattering side- or back…- zip pants.

Short look for: lean shapes that hit below the ankle and those with minimal or no pleating in front.

Boyish look for: flat-front trousers that are straight from waist to hem, or high- waist styles.

Tummy look for: longer styles that have soft pleating in the front.

Short waist/long legs look for: Flat- front styles with slighly lower waists.

Long waist/short legs look for: classic trousers that sit at or slightly above your natural waistline and have straight of flared legs.

Flat bottom look for: boot-cut, skinny or high waist styles that are fitted around the backside. Styles with pockets to make volume.

Large bottom look for: well-tailored, flat-front or single-pleat trousers with wider legs that allow enough movement through the hips and thighs.


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