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What is the Reputation of your Business?
Do your Sales Team has a Powerful image?
Do you have uniforms?
Do you use the correct Protocols for business?
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Do you create the best first impression?
Do you have a Powerful Personal Branding?
Do you know how to Master a Public Relations?


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   We offer public Seminars, tailor made Workshops or One to One Consultations.

All our services include demonstrations, role-play and activities in a fun environment.

Workshops Objectives


  • Get the best projection about yourself with Power, Efficiency and Success.
  • Create a Powerful Personal Branding.
  • Gain Protocol & Etiquette knowledge to impress others.

Workshop Benefits


  • Creating the best first impression.
  • Building quick relationships, closing deals easily.
  • Selling more products or services.


Workshops allow the most efficient way of learning. Using a safe adult learning environment allows participants to have multiple perspectives on the changes with engaging feedback loop.

Seminar Types

Secrets of Personal Branding

 – Introduction Seminar –

Why an Image is so important?

This Workshop is a resume of 4 different intensive programs, where I show you How to Create a Powerful Personal Branding.

This powerful workshop will give you all the strategies you need for high-speed success in any business and personal life.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn:

  • How to use tricks to create a perfect body shape.
  • Define your Image personality to enhance your Personal Branding.
  • How to use colours and fabrics to convey authority or be more approachable.
  • How to save money when go for shopping.
  • How to generate the best first impression!
  • How to built quick relationships with clients and close deals easily saving time.
  • How to create a good reputation.

You’ll learn through high-impact processes, experiential exercises, case studies, and interactive activities, all facilitated by an expert Image consultant.

Protocols and Etiquette in Business

How to create the best first best impression?

Protocol and Etiquette in Business is a “1-Day Intensive” workshop
How to improve your professional career just implementing small details.

Being a good host can be one of the most powerful tools to be success in any type of business. The secret to combine a good professional Image with protocols, etiquette and good table manners will guarantee success in this business.

  • How to create the best first impact with a correct shake hands.
  • A step-by-step process to create an impressive salutation.
  • Learn the secrets of the body language.
  • The correct etiquette for Business cards.
  • How to have an executive looking.

This program will change your life – personally, professionally, and financially.

The Art of Word

Do you have a lot of nerves when you talk in front of people?

The Art of the Word is an Intensive “day workshop” 
Do you know how to prepare for a good speech? Would you like to know how to create a real impact when you talk? 

The 93% of the impact is HOW we project when we speak and just the 7% is WHAT why say. Discover proven strategies you can use when you speak to others, delivering the correct message and get the attention of your audience.

At this intensive workshop you’ll discover:

  • How to speak in public in a big auditorium, for opening a business, in a conventions, or simple general meeting.
  • Step by step to prepare our presentation.
  • Use the correct tools to use the correct pauses, rhythm, tone and project your voice.
  • Simple tips to control the nerves.
  • The secrets for the Powerful introductions.
  • Plus: The top 5 reasons we need to be a good speaker.

First Job Challenge

May your first experiences in seeking employment are not really satisfactory.

Know the guidelines to follow in the successful search for your first job, builds trust and credibility in your interview.

Is your first job? we can tell you the secrets to be successful, immerse quick in the company and build quick relationships.

This intensive “4-hours workshop” 
Get the job of your dreams? or get a promotion? What about getting your first job?

Discover the secrets to have a winning interview, how to create the best impression having a perfect control of your nerves and body language.

At this 4 intensive hours you will discover:

  • The top 10 tips to have the winning resume.
  • The important things that your cover letter needs to have.
  • Tips to generate the best first impression.
  • Secrets for having a good interview.
  • How to create the best impression the first day of work.
  • The top things you must have for generate a promotion.
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Complete Coaching

Starting with the basics we want you give the full background and empowering your image.

Learn how to create a Powerful PERSONAL BRANDING for success in your professional and personal life.

We will analyse your inner and outside to create the best of you.

This is designed to suit you. Specifically you.

We want you to walk out and feel incredible and get SUCCESS

Ask how
Free Seminar
Protocols and Etiquette in business.

We will tailor the information to the specific industry.

E.g. Doctors, Accountant, Lawyers, CEO, Sales.

Focused on a group training.

Special price
Persuasive Speaking
Big auditorium, opening for a business, board annual meeting, reunion with clients. Stop the nerves. Learn how to control them.

Body language, tone, voice, rhythm, pauses, environment, message.... they are some of the things you MUST to control for getting success when you talking. The intention is not to change your total vocabulary its to get the mindset right using the correct tools to deliver the message to others.

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Get ready Interviews
You're going for $100,000 job?

Make No Mistakes. Just buying an expensive suit just will not cut it.

Yes, you could get free advice from the guy selling you the suit, we both know he is not going to make sure your behaviour, presence and nerves are under control.

We are looking at the whole you.