The Business Meal

At a business meal when do I discuss the business?

Serious business talk is saved for later in the meal after the entrée plates have been removed. By talking about other subjects, you avoid the problems of balancing fork in hand, food in mouth, and important conversation. Serious business conversation takes concentration. Save yourself for the important stuff and enjoy the meal and friendly conversation.

Last week I was working (and encouraging) a Client to believe that she can increase her perceived value in more than one way.

1) Dress appropriately for each day / meeting / role (and wear the best quality that you can afford)

2) Invest in an Image Consultant or Stylist to assist in creating looks that enhance and increase value perception

3) Wear make-up & lipstick (this one always causes a bit …of controversy) – Men, ensure your personal grooming standards are high

4) Take the time to do your hair

5) Polish your shoes (and ensure they are appropriate)

These 5 tips are of course some very simple ways to improve and increase our perceived value in the visual. But there was more to the clothing & grooming that was holding her back.

Self-talk sabotages self-image (how you see yourself) and this reflects outwardly in energy, so even if you are dressed to perfection, this can be sensed by others.

Your self-image or opinion of yourself will be what eventually makes or breaks you in life, so how to do you eliminate self-sabotaging self-talk?

Building confidence using clothing and grooming is a perfect way to begin, because how we are perceived is how we are received. Almost like being an actress, you can “dress for the part”.

Those inner voices, doubts and can still be there whilst you are “putting on an act”. You can only change this if you make a decision to lift your self-image and create an inner voice that is encouraging you to step up. We are in total control of our self-image and have an opportunity every day to improve. So I challenged my client to write down all of the positive and negative conversations she was having in her head.

It goes like this:

I’m having a really bad day – changes to – My day is just getting better and better.

I’m exhausted – changes to – I feel great.

I’m really sick of my job – changes to – I’m like my job more and more every day.

Doing this on a regular basis, will eventually change your thought patterns and will also change your self-image – where ever you are today, you got there by yourself. Your thoughts, beliefs, choices and decisions have taken you to where you are now (whether you think you planned it or not).

So you can increase your perceived value, the direction of your life and your self-image, not just by the clothes that you wear, but by understanding and eliminating your self-talk.


Have a beautiful week.


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