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We all have our particular weaknesses when it comes to footwear. Perhaps you closet is filled with pair upon of black boots? red heels? adorable flats? slinky, strappy sandals? .. after all, shoes are the most seductive of accessories…, that’s why I will give some tips for buying the right fit….

Try different sizes: not all size 7 shoes fit the same, even from one designer.

Walk on an uncarpeted surface: this is the only way to test how shoes will feel when pounding the pavement.

A shoe needs to feel like it fits but also look like it fits: “Shrimps (toes dangling off the fronts of open-toe shoes) and biscuits (heels sliding off backless shoes) are deal-breakers.

Move: wiggle your toes, flex your ankles, sit down and stand up. if any pat feels tight or rubs, blisters are imminent.

Think ahead: wear inserts or love think socks? If so, bring them along, or buy a size that works with the extra material.

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