Executive Image:  

In today’s market you can consider yourself as a product and your image as the packaging. What is your packaging telling about you?

Course Description

To succeed in the business world, it is vital to take care of your personal image and professional management. This needs to be appropriate and consistent with your profession and company’s field.

Let our expert advice from their success projects, how you can project the best of you, and  how to create a UNIQUE personal branding and elevate your lifestyle.



Furbish your PERSONAL BRANDING through learning some key points to help you to succeed in your professional and personal life.


Process/Topics include:


  • Evaluation of your actual personal Image


    • We will analyse your actual image and we will analyse what will be your perfect image according your: professional and personal goals, your professional career, your personal style and then we will create or improve your Personal branding,



  • Analyse your Image style


      • Exist 7 key Image style and each style projects and communicate something different, how will project your Image as efficient, intellectual, friendly, formal, approachable, sensual or aggressive. Through find the correct style you have we will improve the style and Image to create a stronger personality and achieve your goals.


  • Communicate through colours


      • All the colours communicate different messages and we can use then for convey authority or be more approachable, as well using the correct colour according our skin, hair and eyes we can create a better looking.


  • Learn how to convey authority or accessibility through clothing


      • Learn why not all the materials or fabrics suits us, some of them could be to heavy or make us bigger or smaller, slim o fatter, taller or shorter, but also we can convey authority, accessibility, look as a smart, efficient and trustily person or completely the opposite. Learn how to dress as a real CEO does.


  • Use the prefect executive / professional outfit


      • Learn what is the secret of the CEO’s to get that position. Learn what is the perfect executive attire to get the best 1st impression in the interview, got the $ 100,000  job that your are looking for, get that promotion that your are dreaming with. We will show you how to use different outfits for different occasions.


  • Verbal communication conveys clarity and impact with your speeches


    • No just the Image communicate also a good verbal communication will help you to look as a confident person. A good greeting and presentation about yourself constitute 97% of a good impression, in combination of your voice tone and rhythm and just the 3% will represent the message you want to say.  We will help you to improve your verbal skills to create the best impression and to be a good leader in the meetings, deliver good speeches.
  • Body language, potentiates your postures, gestures and interprets the other.
    • Another way to communicate and very important part of the Image is the Body language or nonverbal communication. All our gestures, expressions, signs, head, hands, lips and eyebrows communicate something with a good or bad message. Learn how to control them and use them for impress people.


  • Etiquette and Protocol:
    • Cultural Affairs: would you like to do business with other countries?  then you MUST to know the basic greetings and how to build a quick relationship with them for closed the deal.
    • Learn how to be the perfect host.